Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Ivy Garden, Chelsea

 It was as if I were Alice, climbing through the rabbit hole. 

After wandering through the the feathered greens and breaking through petals of pink, you are greeted by the little white rabbit, who in which you follow to your seat. I invite you to a tea party, at The Ivy Chelsea Garden.

As an early Mother's Day treat, my mum came to stay with me in London for a few days, to do everything that us ladies do well, consistently treat ourselves with clothes and calories. Ever since I moved to London in 2015, The Ivy Chelsea Garden has been on my list, and the wait for it was very much worth it.

Even during the afternoon you are welcomed by a dim romantic light. Besides from the floral essence, the candlelit ambience truly makes the restaurant impressionable.

Before arrival, we intended to order the Afternoon Tea menu, however we were still satisfied from our brunch at the restaurant Ting, The Shard, so we settled for a light tea accompanied with cream scones. We were both left pleasantly surprised that our £9 cream tea did not just provide us with two scones, but six between us! My mum felt defeated before the scones made it onto our table, however I am always up for a challenge.  

The scones were perfectly warm, and the ratio to fluffiness and crumbles were also to perfection.The cream was light, and the strawberry jam was like it was made from the forbidden fruits of Eden. The sliced strawberries were a lovely touch to the spread.

Our afternoon banquet was absolutely scrumptious. We then ventured out into the garden to observe natures finest, as it sure is special when sighted in the capital.

There was a slight chill that afternoon which is why our table was reserved for inside. I do however have plans to return during the Summer months, as enjoying the blooming bundles, underneath the sunshine, in the borough of Chelsea sounds the perfect way to relish that cream tea once more.

If you do attend this restaurant on a slightly colder day, and wish to sit outside, burning flames and cosy blankets are provided for your comfort. 

Thank you The Ivy Chelsea Garden, it truly was a delightful event. 

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