Monday, April 20, 2015


Good afternoon girls! What a lovely day it is, and I'm stuck inside bored and alone so this is the perfect time for a blog post I guess. I've currently moved jobs, still at the same company though so it's been a bit crazy with shifts, I've also had so much holiday planning to do and getting my body in shape so I haven't been online that much. Today I wanted to share with you my mac lipstick collection as last year I think was when I bought my first one and now I've got quite a few stashed away and I plan on increasing that too! 

The first lipstick I ever bought from Mac was "Peach Passion" but that was lost on a very irresponsible night out, so take that in girls, never take one of your favourite lipsticks out into the wild! 

I then purchased "Vegas Volt" and "Chatterbox". These were totally random buys, it was coming into spring and I just really wanted some bright and vibrant colours to try out. Personally I'm not a major fan of these I just don't think they work great with my skin tone and I've currently warmed to more of a matte finish. 

"Angel" and "Siren Song" were then my next purchases, Angel being a simple every day pink and Siren Song being the most bare colour to ever exist. I actually bought "Siren Song" to apply as a base if I wanted to wear a matte shade and make it more sheen, it also works really well beneath lipliners. 

"Ruby Woo" well what can I say about this one, its an all time classic really isn't it! What Mac collection doesn't consist of Ruby Woo, it really is the perfect red which I love on myself and all my friends seem to love it too! 

The last two lipsticks I bought from Mac were inspired by "Durrani Popal" one of the DASH Dolls. I absolutely love her, she has such a unique look! I follow her on Instagram and she done a post on her favourite lipstick at the time which happened to be "Kinda Sexy" and of course I had to buy it! Its the most gorgeous matte shade but works great with a gloss too! And lastly is "Mocha". Since wearing Kinda Sexy non stop I discovered my love for nudes and brown/pinks which made me love Mocha, which is now my new fav! 

Left to right -
Kinda Sexy
Siren Song
Ruby Woo
Vegas Volt

Apologies for the lack of examples on myself but my selfie game is not 100% right now. 

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