Monday, March 23, 2015


Evening girls and Happy Monday! I hope you all had a lovely weekend if you were off work and had on school/university work to get on with! I've just come back from an amazing weekend in London/Colchester with my friends. It was my friend Sarahs 19th birthday last week so on Saturday we travelled to Colchester to visit her at Uni and then got the train into London so get our shop on and stuff our faces! Me and friends all have different styles so we had a whole list of shops we wanted to visit. Below are some of the items I bought for my holiday which is actually in 39 days!!! I am beyond excited. 

I bought this white clutch bag from H&M for only £14.99 which I think is a really good deal. Its on the larger end of the scale when it comes to clutch bags but that is perfect for me because I like to stuff as much rubbish and unnecessary items into my bag as I can. I also really love the colour, and I know you're probably thinking its only white however its the most clean white I've come across when searching for a white bag, its not a creamy off white, it literally is WHITE, which will go with all the many white clothes i've bought for my holiday, so don't be expecting too much colour in my photos to come. 

Now then, I don't know how long I have wanted a floppy hat for. Every time I go with Topshop, or any shop in fact which sells them I always try one on, say I'll buy it one day and never get round to it, but saturday was the day I finally gave in! I bought it from H&M for £14.99 which is a lot better than £28 from Topshop! I absolutely love it, especially for holiday as I get awful migraines when I've been in the sun for too long so this is perfect to wear and I guess I'll look pretty stylish too. The sandals were my deal of the day! They were...£6 from Forever 21! I think they're so practical but go with every thing too. They're a faux white leather material and for £6 they seem pretty sturdy too which is another bonus! They are also brilliant because I have tiny ankles and also have issues when buying sandals to fit because I have to pierce extra holes in them just to wrap them around my ankles but these have so many fitted holes already! (She jumps for joy when trying them on at home). 

This little number is long awaited one. I discovered this brand which does custom made bikinis to your size in Australia, yes Australia. This is the most perfect fitting bikini I've ever bought! You can choose you back size, for example; 6,8,10 etc and then your bra cup size, A,B,C etc. I absolutely love the fit and how well it holds me all in because it isn't my smallest area. The website allows you to choose from around 3 different styles and then all different colours and patterns! I went for the black and white because it was a safe bet for something from the other side of the world! They say give it around 5 days for your bikini to be made and then about 10 days for delivery, mine took about two weeks so if you're wanting one i'd order it soon!

And lastly is my favourite product of the weekend! Me and my friends actually found Victorias Secret on Oxford Street and our little faces just lit up with excitement and joy. I've only been in the store once at Westfield and that one time I was broke so I knew that I wanted to get something this time! I went in wanting to get an underwear set and a bikini set but it was just so so so busy in there! I found an adorable bikini which I loved but the top didn't fit as nice as I would've liked so I settled to just get the bottoms and I will find a top to match elsewhere, and I mean I have 3 colours to choose from! Orange, pink or black. I am a little sad I didn't get an underwear set but it was far to busy to then have to try that on too! 

Overall we had such a lovely weekend, I absolutely love it when we're all together because it doesn't happen much anymore and it really does make you realise how much you miss people and love their company! I would also just love to say that Sarah told me and introduced me to "Ben's Cookies" they were honestly the best cookies I have ever had in my life and that is no understatement! So get yourself some Bens Cookies next time you're 'living it up in the city!'

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