Monday, December 29, 2014


Yes, I know its that time where we all plan our new years resolutions which we never get round to completing or even starting, however this year I plan to be different and set myself realistic goals which can be achieved this year. 

1. Get fit and into shape - Every year we all say "January is gym time", we all go for the first two weeks and thats about it. I've decided that I am not made for the gym I would much rather stay at home and work out on my own. For the past few months I've been following a Pilates video and I'm actually seeing results. Me and my friend Tayler decided that in the new year we are to complete this workout video twice a week. I may even invest some of my makeup budget into some work out clothes I'm that determined. 

2. Book a holiday - I am so happy to announce that I have already completed this one and my holiday for 2015 is booked! I may have posted on Twitter where I'm off to but I might leave you guys waiting a little longer to find out.. Even though my week away is planned I'm still looking for maybe another little weekend away somewhere too. 

3. Apply for University - I'm still very indecisive about whether I want to go to Uni or not. I've only attended one open day, which wasn't very promising, however staying at my current job forever is not the life for me. 

4. Pass my driving test - Now I don't know how long this is going to take me. I've been having lessons since June 2014 and I'd say I'm almost there however I really am just so lazy. I have no intentions of booking a theory which is awful from me so I really need to start pushing myself and gathering some motivation because I'm only wasting money!

5. Dedicating my time elsewhere - I feel that everybody from this era should agree with me when I say we spend far too much time updating statuses, writing tweets and constantly scrolling through instragram looking at what strangers are up to. I really want to leave my Internet obsession behind in 2014, being a blogger I understand I cannot completely desert the social media, especially when I wish to study "Media Communications" however I am willing to limit myself.

So there you have it, my 5 goals I wish to atleast attempt in 2015, what are yours? Are any of mine what you wish to achieve? 


  1. I'm totally in the same boat for Uni.. I need to send off my UCAS application by the beggining of January if I'm going to go *.* It's kind of overwhelming..

    1. Yes! 15th January isn't it? I've only just finished my statement, no idea what else I have to do haha. I would apply anyways and then make up your decision when you're ready, then if you get in at least you have the option! x