Monday, January 19, 2015


Good evening girls! I hope you had a lovely weekend buying more goodies like myself! Today I decided to write something different for you as it isn't beauty related but my findings to keeping fit, loosing weight and eating healthier. 
Without blowing my own trumpet I have never been a girl who is considered as large due to the 11 years of dancing I done, however last year I really loved my food and started my loose my way a little by bingeing on sweets, crisps and all the sugary goodness during sixth form. I noticed I had put on a little bit of weight, maybe just over stone? And my over all health just wasn't as good as usual. My 2015 resolution was to be motivated into loosing this extra weight and making myself feel better again by eating healthier and exercising more so I thought I'd let you know how I'm getting on with my 3 top tips so far.

This is the obvious one. Everyone needs to exercise not just to burn fat but to improve your body's overall fitness. After I quit dance I found it very difficult to commit to certain forms of exercise or other sport activities, but then I discovered Pilates. Now, whenever someone asks me "what exactly is Pilates?" I find it really difficult to answer, but i'll give it a go...
Pilates is a form of exercise to enhance the physical strength of the body and helps to tone the body by tensing muscles throughout the session. The session consists of many holds and positions with very little movement so the session isn't exhausting as such, just a little painful at times, but if you're feeling the pain you must be doing something right, right? I would honestly recommend Pilates if you are someone who doesn't really enjoy physical activity because I am seeing quick results within the comfort of my own home and it doesn't make me tired for the rest of the day.  

I absolutely love to snack. Chocolate, donuts, crisps and biscuits are all my guilty pleasures but once I began healthy eating I realised I didn't need to consume all the sugar and fat into my body. My excuse was boredom. Just because I would be at home watching films didn't mean I needed to find al the cinema treats in my home when I wasn't even hungry. Now I only eat at meal times so; breakfast, lunch and dinner and if I am peckish during the day I'll snack on fruit or healthier options. You do not need to be putting food into your body 24/7 and once you realise that it makes a big change! 

I've heard about clean eating many times before I started and I didn't really understand how it could have such a major affect on your diet and overall well-being. I am not entirely sure if my understanding of clean-eating is correct and being the silly-slow person I am it probably isn't. I think of clean eating as removing all pre-packaged foods from your diet and cooking more dishes yourself. Now i'm not saying you need to go and slaughter a chicken and bring it home but what is the harm in cooking your own bolognese instead of buying a pre packaged frozen one from Tesco? These pre-packaged foods have so many added sugars and salts in them, they do more harm to our body than we would think. So, for breakfast don't buy your packaged pancakes, make your own mix, it's really not difficult and banana pancakes with strawberries really are my favourite on the weekend! For lunch don't leave the house and find the nearest Greggs to pick up a sausage roll, fry up some eggs in coconut oil and make an omelette! And lastly is dinner when you can be the more creative, my personal favourite right now is brown rice with chicken with BBQ seasoning, bacon and spinach! I understand that fizzy drinks are a luxury but are they necessary? They are FULL of sugar and so much for it. I learnt to cut them out of my diet completely unless with the odd alcoholic drink and just stick to drinking water. I get that water can be bland and boring so you can always add sugar free squash to dilute. 

It's really not that difficult to make an improvement on your lifestyle, you just have to know the basics. So try not to go too extreme just start of with one of these tips and let me know if you're seeing the difference! Once i've got used to this I would love to start uploading some recipes which have worked for me so if you would be interested in those kind of posts just leave a comment to let me know! Also here is a link for the first Pilates video which really got me loving it!


  1. I have made a few slight improvements :)
    I have been eating fruit and drinking more water so little steps yeah?
    Great post. xox

    1. Yes! honestly I am seeing such a difference with these methods, even my boyfriend and family are noticing a change xx