Monday, May 11, 2015


Hi girls! I hope you're feeling super great today as I definitely am because I have just returned from Mexico and had such a fantastic time! However I am sad to be back to ordinary life and having to get up and make my own breakfast. I will be doing a post very soon on my trip to Mexico which will probably go up sometime this week. Anyways I was reading through loads and loads of posts which I had to catch up on and then I fell upon a happiness post and me being so happy today I thought I should probably do a post on happiness too! Now there are many things that bring joy to my life currently so here are a few I want to share with you;

Seeing your food coming towards you in a restaurant 
Waking up super early and seeing the whole day 
Monday nights for Dance Moms and Made in Chelsea
New makeup is always a happiness
Discovering that a restaurant has calamari on their starter menu 
Your hair still being intact when you get home
Finding money on a night out - thats basically free drinks right?
Being paid more that you thought you were going to get 
When your favourite song comes on in the club and you and your friends just know its time to get down
Nails being on point
Finally seeing your friends who have come home from Uni 
Getting your work out complete 
Long road trips which include headphones and number one jams
When the family gets together after weeks of being apart 
New underwear sets
"Marnie you can finish your shift early if you like"
Completing a book 
Falling asleep in the ultimate snuggle position 
Doing things which I never imagined I would ever do
Sunshine, no matter what I'm doing the sun makes me happy
Realising how much fun being with my annoying boyfriend actually is after spending our first holiday together

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