Sunday, May 17, 2015


Good afternoon my readers! Hopefully you've had a lovely weekend and are now relaxing as you should be on your Sunday! Today I will be sharing all of my experiences and photos of mine and Brunos first holiday together, visiting Mexico, Puerto Vallarta. Mexico was never our first choice of destination as we really wanted to go to Greece, however, over the Christmas holidays it was mentioned to us that we should look in the Christmas sales and that's when we fell upon an incredible deal to the Riu Vallarta, Mexico! you may have a seen a slight Instagram spam but I just wanted to share a few more pictures from our week away and tell you all about the crazy things we got up to!

The Riu Vallarta, the most gorgeous hotel I have stayed in. The outside may look like a palace, but as soon as you step outside the lobby the scenery is just beautiful, it really is palm tree paradise.

Our first full day/night consisted of going crazy in the gigantic waves (bruno), and me watching on the sand. Viewing palm tress and sipping on the cocktail of the day (Tropical pick me up), and eating endless amounts of food at the buffet. 

Me and Bruno both love trips out as well as lounging on the beach and by the pool so we had an agreement that we would each choose a trip we would love to do, and Bruno being the adrenaline kinda guy he is chose for us to go on a jungle exhibition.. yes, swinging over mountains, river rafting and everything you would not expect me to do, but it was honestly the best day and so fun!  The views were just incredible considering we were on zip wires that were 400ft high and up to lengths of 2km! We done a number of activities starting with the zip lines that I surprising found relaxing, then our next activity was  abseiling down the face of a cliff (that view wasn't as relaxing). We then got into the river in rubber rings and finished our adventure riding a mule back to the top of the mountains. After those exhausting few hours we took the time to sit and eat some authentic fajitas with a fantastic view of the mountains!

Bikini Top - ASOS
Bikini Bottoms - Victoria's Secret

Our third day consisted of an early morning walk down to the beach and exploring all the hotels along the bay. Bruno loved having all the waves to himself whilst I chilled taking endless amounts of pictures. We then found this strip full of palm trees, and being a blogger all you're going to think of is "What a cool background for pictures!" After our lonely little photo shoot we found this tiny shack which sold what we were desperate to find.. SOMBREROS! And yes we bought the largest we could find, unfortunately they were not the easiest to wear on the plane back home. 

Here come the hilarious posey pictures..

Bikini Top - Ocean Gem
Bikini Bottoms - River Island 

So my chosen trip was to visit the Marietas Eco Discovery secret beach thinking it would be such a lovely chilled out day... I was wrong. Firstly we took an hour long boat trip where I discovered I do get sea sick, thats always fantastic and then we were told to get to the beach its over a 200m swim IN FULL OPEN OCEAN UNDER A CAVE. Once we got over the struggle of the swim the beach truly was beautiful and a gorgeous scene, something I doubt I will see again. And of course the photographers love couples so yes they done a shoot for us. To get back to the boat you had to swim against the current which was even worse after being stung by a jellyfish, yep, my first jellyfish sting was not a fun experience. When we got back onto the boat we had a lovely sandwich/salad lunch and got the opportunity to go paddle boarding, snorkelling and canoeing in the sea which was pretty fun, and to end we got to see dolphins in their natural habitat! 

Thank you so much Mexico! But now comes the hard part, where to next? If you guys have any suggestions on destinations, hotels etc we would love to know! 

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