Monday, June 22, 2015

My Bucket List - Current 2015

Hiya girls! This post was very last minute for me as I'm currently sitting in bed writing this. But, I was thinking all about my recent trip to Mexico and all the amazing things I done which I never thought I would and it made me think of creating my own bucket list! Many people have a slight idea of what they would love to accomplish in their lives but I want to officially share all my desires! 

Its time to announce that the test is finally booked! I have put so much money and time into driving that to not pass would be absolutely devastating to me so I really want to be driving by September the latest (purely because if I fail my re-take will have to be in September, annoying right).

As you may or may not of known I do start University in September and to be honest I an petrified. I don't know how I am going to move away from my family and leaving bruno here will be heartbreaking! I know I have all their full support but I just hope I do well so it will all be worth it in the end! 

So, when I start in September I will be studying media & communications and I am hoping that I will meet someone that I get along with super well and has an interest in blogging too because I would love to start a Youtube channel with a partner as I feel the Youtube crowd is missing some good duos! 

Now almost everyone has "travel" on their bucket list however I realise it is going to be so difficult whilst at Uni due to lack of money and time. However my ideal way of travelling wouldn't be to jet off for an entire year but to gradually see different parts of the world, for example I'd love to do about 2 weeks in Italy visiting; Rome, Florence, Milan and Venice.

I'm all for the "you only live once" and "make the most of life" however you can't do that without money and that is true no matter how hard you try to argue you can! My aim is to save as much as I can whilst at Uni which will not be easy but I don't want to leave having to move back home again, I don't think I will be able to go from living i the heart of London to moving back to Norfolk, I literally cannot wait for when me and Bruno to get a place together!

So of course I have a lot more I would love to achieve, do and BUY! However these are my most important and current things I would love to tick off first! What do you girls have on yours? 

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