Monday, September 28, 2015


Good evening everybody! I am alive and managed to get through my first week of university successfully. I moved to Greenwich to study Media and Communications on the 19th of September so I am now onto my 9th day of living in London. I have ALWAYS wanted to live in London and I am so so so happy to finally be here!

Moving day I must admit was terrible, saying goodbye to my parents and Bruno was one of the most emotional experiences I've had because I was so excited to start my course and get to know all of my flatmates but at the same time I wouldn't see the most important people to me for a whole month which at the start was terrifying! (However me and Bruno are pathetic and couldn't stick to our one month deal so he came down a week later, ridiculous I know). 

Before moving to Greenwich I found some of my flatmates on Facebook and we were speaking and decided to buy tickets for events which I could not wait for, because you know, Freshers week is supposed to be absolutely mental. However, within the whole week I have been here I have only been out for drinks once. I truly believe it's a myth that everyone goes out and meets their best friends within the first week. During freshers you're filled with so many different emotions because you just want to meet people and be social but on the other hand you're really missing home (well I was anyways). 

So instead of getting crazy drunk every night (I did once and it was horrific and too embarrassing to discuss) myself and my flat mate Maddie booked a trip to go along the Thames which was beautiful, it was freezing cold but the sunset was one to see!

Another thing I've been up to all week is visiting the food market almost every single day. It is the most incredible thing I have ever seen being such a food lover. The market is full of so many stalls of different cultures, you've got; Brazilian, Thai, Portuguese, Jamaican and tonnes of stalls which caught my eye such as mini pancakes, home made truffles and of course CHURROS! So i'll probably go back tomorrow.

I have my first lecture tomorrow which I am strangle excited about and have so many events to come too so i'll keep you updated as much as I can! Have any of you guys just started uni or got any advice/stories for me?

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