Saturday, January 14, 2017


Welcome back everyone and welcome back to me! Unfortunately me being my true forgetful self has forgotten the password to my other blog, which I loved ever so much and worked on throughout my first year of University. So you will probably notice a jump in blog posts and a jump within myself as we have now entered 2017! 

So, first of all I would love to wish you all a Happy New Year and I hope it has started off relatively well. I can honestly say I am super excited for the new year, considering I never really grasp onto the changes I hope to make. Since starting University I have noticed how quickly we are going through the years, and how much I am maturing, and the things I want in life are a little more practical than make up and an expensive handbag. 

With this being said, this post will not necessarily be a list of new years resolutions, because for some reason I have no luck with those, so lets think of these as 'achievement goals' for 2017. So here it goes... 

I have always been an average saver, not great but i'm always trying. As I will be finishing University next summer, I really hope that I will be able to get a job in the city, but along with that, afford to live there. So as much as I love travelling and do have some plans, all the travels I want to do will have to go on pause for the moment. Realistically I hope to save around £1,500 - £2000 to add to my current ones, now that may not seem a lot within a year but on a student budget will be pretty impressive. 

Go to America.
My brother and I have always wanted to take a trip to America and we literally just booked our tickets about 3 hours ago! Due to unfortunate events on my dad's side of the family, we suggested we take a trip to California. The plan is to see family in Sacramento for a few days and then stay in LA for the remaining time, strolling down Hollywood, going to Universal Studios, and course seeing a Lakers game! I honestly cannot wait!

I have been saying this for so long now so I hope that this year I actually go through with it. Since last October I have been an Intern for a music record label. I am enjoying myself so much there that I really want to get in as much work experience as possible during my final term of second year. I had an interview with a radio station in London and it sounds promising. I can't wait to update you all on this when the time comes!

Maintain my fitness journey.
To those who do not know me very well, my boyfriend is a fitness and health enthusiast and ever since he began, he has tried to take me along for the ride with him. I'll give myself some credit, yes I go to the gym and yes I have completely changed my eating habits however, I tend to do them in stages. I'll be great at it for two months and then give up for the next month. 2017 is the year I will make that change and I am more motivated than ever to do just so. 

University Studies.
I am not going to sugar coat this, second year has been hard. Living on my own away from my family and friends isn't the problem, unfortunately it's the studying part i'm struggling with. I've had some amazing grades but some not so great. This year I am really going to push myself so that I can secure at least, the very least, a 2:1 overall. 

Be super busy all the time.
And lastly, this will be the hardest goal to achieve. Me being a pro at procrastinating, absolutely loves laying and doing nothing with my time. This year I need to make the most of my time to be able to accomplish all my other goals. I want to be super super busy so that I am running from one thing to the next. I aspire to be one of those people that if you don't see them in class, they're either working, at the gym, studying or being productive in other ways rather than binge watching Netflix (which I am very guilty for). So wish me luck with this one.  

I hope you all enjoyed this post, I really enjoyed writing it, as it's been a while! I really hope I can write content more regularly (Be super busy all the time) and maintain this blog (I may re-post some content from my other blog for you to see here at Marnie Eden). Let me know what you think of my 2017 achievement goals and let me know what yours are too! Thanks for reading...

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