Monday, February 06, 2017


Fashion trends, lets discuss...
For as long as I can remember I have always been obsessed with frills, lace and anything you could possibly need to make a feminine fashion statement (well, ever since I've been dressing myself anyways). I don't tend to follow fashion trends, I try to follow my own personal style without the influence of others, as I feel individuality is important. Now, I'm not saying I do not own a choker or the ever so common bomber jacket, but I do try to purchase stand out from the crowd pieces every now and then.
For the past few months now it's apparent that sleeves are the new trend on the streets, whether thats trumpet sleeves, bell sleeves, flute sleeves, and whatever other sleeves you can get a hold of nowadays days, and I absolutely love them.

A trumpet, bell or flute sleeve is an exaggerated sleeve that steals the show over any other feature on your dress, shirt or jumper. Many years ago, seeing a sleeve like this was a rarity, but all of a sudden you cannot enter a shop without seeing one. I know many will think the idea is daft and unnecessary for the excess material hanging around your arms, but I personally love them and cannot steer away. The reason why, well, I love anything that could be considered a little bit OTT. The OTT sleeve is perfect if you're looking for a little something extra than just your basic black jumper or white fitted shirt. It's also great as a middle outfit. If you aren't looking to dress too fancy or too casual, throw on a simple piece with a statement sleeve.

So, maybe you're now warming to the idea of the statement piece and thinking about how you would style it. That's where I come in and reveal the tips I've have up my sleeve...

The Office
Bored of the same black shift dress that you pair with your close to retirement heels? Why not attempt a different look to grab the attention of your colleagues. Try incorporating a pair of black skinny peg trousers, a bold colour heel and of course... a white statement sleeve shirt, I mean how could you possibly go wrong with that? 

The Brunch Date
Brunch is everyones favourite meal of the day right? And everyones favourite event to Instagram, so you may as well look good whilst you're doing it. I always imagine turning up to brunch looking like I've made no effort at all but it's still relatively chic. Gather your ripped jeans and your favourite mid heels, and pair those with a statement sleeve jumper, if you do, you've definitely accomplished the brunch date look. 

The Cocktail Party
To me, cocktail party dresses can get a little boring, everyones turning up in either sparkles or red. If you're someone who doesn't want to brave the bold glitter ball, a statement sleeve could just save you. A simple mid length bodycon fit with a floating trumpet sleeve will allow you to gift the event with elegance, but not too much attention. 

Now you know how you're going to style your new statement sleeve, you're probably wondering whereabouts your can purchase an item just like it. I have absolutely fallen in love with SheIn, purely for the fact that the website is fully loaded with trumpet, flute, frilled, anything sleeves! So if you're on the hunt, head over to SheIn where you can find my personal favourite items...

How do you love to wear your statement sleeves? Are you still obsessing over knitwear or have you transported over to spring already and stocked up on your statement sleeve blouses? Share your favourite products and lets talk more sleeves below! 

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