Wednesday, February 01, 2017


And that's a wrap, January 2017 is complete, which of course calls for a monthly favourites discussion.

It's no secret that more than a handful of us have many favourites for January, as we were lucky enough to be showered with gifts over the festive period. So, without further ado, I present to you some of my favourite products of the month.

Manuka Doctor
I thought I'd start it off with a new favourite brand discovery, Manuka Doctor. The products include Manuka Honey and naturally enhanced formulations to provide what I like to think as the ultimate skin care regime. Skin care products have never been my favourite, I usually react to most of the chemicals, which lead to breakouts and dry skin. For over a month I have been using two products: the purifying face mask, and the purifying facial toner. Using both products together has enabled my skin to appear more radiant and moisturised throughout the cold months, as promised by Manuka Doctor, and I have also noticed a difference in my overall complexion. As a child I experienced allergic reactions to my face and also suffered with eczema, which left some scaring and discolouring on my face. Since using these products I have already noticed a dramatic difference, to the extent of feeling confident enough to go without any base makeup. I would honestly recommend these products to everybody, and I cannot wait to try some other products! P.S Kourtney Kardashian also uses Manuka Doctor skin products, need I say more... 

Only recently have I found my love for candles. Years ago I would laugh at anyone that spent more than £10 on a lump of scented wax, and unfortunately I am now one of those people. Jo Malone, Neom and Diptyque, you know, all the generic blogger candles, but I now get the obsession. For Christmas I bought my Mum Diptyques Mimosa Candle, and I kind of wish I kept that gift for myself... I wasn't drawn to many of the other scents, yet this one stood out. The Mimosa scent brings the warmth and sweetness of honey into your home, alongside the freshness of the seaside, could you even think of a better combination? 

Chanel L'eau 
Anything Chanel is a luxury for a girl like myself, just seeing that logo instantly screams Blair Waldorf, so as you can imagine, seeing that little gift bag under my tree left me feeling like the Queen of the Upper East Side. If you were never a fan of Chanel No. 5 then I suggest you give Chanel L'eau a go. The fragrance has taken a completely new approach, and it's been suggested that the brand is now trying to appeal to a younger market which explains the development of No.5. The L'eau brings a lighter and fresher take on the original combining the scents of rose, lemon, orange, jasmine and sandalwood. I feel that Chanel has achieved their mission, as social media truly is going crazy for the L'eau. I mean, give it a try, I'm sure you will too! 

So there we have it, a few of my favourite products from this month! What have been your favourite products, or are some of your favourites listed above? Lets discuss below...

Thanks for coming...

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