Sunday, January 22, 2017


As we've entered the new year I imagine many of you, like myself, have set yourself many goals for 2017. I have to admit, organisation and time management never was one of my strongest points, considering I always had my mum nagging and reminding me of all the things I hadn't done that day. As a student, shuffling my studies, employment, finances and of course socialising isn't always a success, but since moving away and living on my own i've found what works for me to keep me organised. 

Even though I am only in class for about 9 hours out of the whole week, I still have a lot to do with the remaining hours. I invest a lot of my time cooking meals and going to the gym, I also prioritise my well-being, so I make sure I allow myself 'me time' too. So, I hope this can help you all and you can take some of these tips away with you to help you become more organised. 

Buy a diary
Buying a diary to stay organised is an obvious one, but since I've been at University my diary has been my best friend! You'd be surprised at how many people do not own a diary. As easy as it is to organise your days on your smart phones, a physical diary really makes a difference to me, especially if its a cute little number. So even if you think owning a diary that sits in your handbag is really old fashioned give it a go. Make that diary headline your stationary selection and let it be star of the show! I promise you now, if you buy smart stationary you will be more inclined to use it. 

Plan a day ahead
This is something I get really excited about doing. Every night before I go to sleep I plan out the following day. By simply writing down all the things I wish to accomplish on that day, I can see how busy I will be, make changes, and then follow that scheduled plan. This may not suit some people, especially if you have a spontaneous personality, but for someone like me who adores structure, this really seems to help!

It goes without saying that a calendar is great for maintaining organisation, especially if you shuffle between so many agendas. As much as I find my phone calendar helpful I highly recommend buying a physical hang on your wall one too. I believe it to be so much easier to visually see what is around the corner throughout the month, it's also great when you live with multiple people as you can all contribute to the calendar with your own events, because someone is bound to forget...

Stay focused on the priority
Nowadays I never experience a day where I only have one thing to worry about, I'm constantly thinking about my next gym session, what deadlines are coming up, and my priority, when and what will I be eating next. I've learnt that worrying and thinking about all the things that do not currently matter is not going to help me at present time, otherwise I cannot truly focus. If I know I am going to be essay writing tomorrow, that is not something I need to be thinking about today.

Make a meal plan
So many people decline the idea of a meal plan, because seeing what they're going to eat over the next few days can apparently be miserable, whereas I absolutely love it! This doesn't need to be done if you are hopping on the health and fitness bandwagon, any diet and lifestyle will benefit from creating a weekly meal plan. By writing down all my meals, I can see when I'll be eating and manage my time around that, and I can also manage my finances a little better by not buying food I do not need (which happens a lot). 

Me time 
Most importantly, it is vital that you allow your self to unwind and simply chill out. If you're a person on the go, and constantly doing something, taking that little bit of time out can really help maintain focus. I'm not saying that laying in bed for hours on end watching Netflix is beneficial, but getting out of the house and doing something that you truly enjoy will make your week a whole lot better when your agenda is fully packed! A few hours out at the cinema or a lunch date with your friend could completely change that mind set.

So there we have it, a little breakdown of what I like to do to keep me organised and stress free. Please let me know what you thought about this post and comment freely, and also let me know what you do to stay organised ad stress free because I am open to experimenting! You'll be hearing from me again next week, thanks again for reading...

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