Friday, November 07, 2014


Evening! I'm a little late on my favourites as I've been at work but I was determined to get a post up by the end of today. This week I decided I would present you all with my favourite accessories this season. I'm hoping that most of you agree, but when you go shopping do you just stick to one colour throughout your shop? I know I do, and at the moment I am obsessed with black and gold and that is all I'm wearing this season! So as you've guessed all my favourite accessories this week are black and gold! What are you favourite accessories this season?


Unfortunately I was unable to find a link to my watch as I got it around a year ago. 


  1. Oh god, I'm in love with that MK bag! It's gorgeous. (:

    1. honestly is the most practical bag and goes with everything, I love it too! xx

  2. amazing accessories , love everything ,especially MK bag and watch
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