Monday, November 17, 2014


Evening girls! I think one of the most asked questions within the beauty bloggers society is what is the trick to good skin? I've had my time trying every product on the stand and I'm so glad it's come to an end. During my younger years I suffered from hay fever and my skin underneath my eyes down to my cheeks used to peel which has now left me with a little scaring however I finically found a solution! I purchased L'Oreals Skin Perfecting Advanced Correcting Serum and I am now onto my 4th bottle as I absolutely adore this stuff! The product itself is quite a thin consistency, not similar to moisturiser in the slightest which I think is perfect as it dries relatively quick! The great thing about this is that I apply it every night before bed and my skin is still moist the morning after ready for makeup application! 
Overall I think this is a great product as it leaves my skin super smooth everytime, my skin has noticeably improved since using the serum, for example my skin is gradually turning to one shade and the visibility of my scaring is decreasing, also I am not breaking out as much either which is a bonus! I literally only use this product on my skin, I don't even use face was I simply wash my face with a warm flannel to ensure my face is clean and then use a toner also. So then girls if you're trying to find a skin solution then you might have just discovered one! Let me know if you have seen a change in your skin too if you decide to purchase it! 


  1. Think I like the sound of this as opposed the the greasy moisturizer I have strange skin like dry fore head and cheeks but then oily chin and nose and the second I use moisturizer it makes me break out. urrgggh skin who would have it. I am deffo putting this on my wish list . xox

    1. I have the exact some issues with my skin, having both dry and oily areas. I would definitely recommend this for you, just apply it as you go to bed instead of before applying your make up xx