Monday, November 03, 2014


£16 - Asos 
Wow, oh wow, oh wow! I present you all "Mary-Lou Manizer" by The Balm.
Have you ever thought you could fall in love with a highlighter? If your answer is yes then go out and purchase this one.
I bought this around two weeks ago and all my other highlighters have been forgotton about and have been left in my make up storage just hibernating until I have hit pan on Mary Lou. 

First of all how can you say no to that packaging it is absolutely adorable, that adorable it still sits in its little box. 

The product itself is 8.5g, that is some highlighter, and I plan to use this on a regular basis.

On my skin tone the product gives a champagne colour finish however in some lights can give a light pink illusion which I absolutely love, it also has a rather large mirror, BONUS. 

Overall I personally love this highlighter and believe it could make it into my top 10 beauty products this year. The pigmentation of this product is amazing, a tiny hit of the product on the brow bone, inner corner of the eye, cheekbones and even nose does the trick immediately. The colour of Mary-Lou is the shade I would automatically be drawn to when choosing a highlighter to finishing off my all time favourite bronze look, giving my skin a glowy, healthy and satin like finish. 

Mary-Lou worn with Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation and Chanel Bronzing Makeup Base, SOLEIL TAN DE CHANEL 

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