Monday, October 06, 2014


Hello! So yesterday was my 19th birthday and my boyfriend took me to London to see The Lion King in theatre. A little secret of mine is that I am absolutely obsessed with Disney films, more than your average child haha and The Lion King is one of my all time favourite films so this really was the best birthday present ever bought for me between my parents and boyfriend! The show followed the same story with a few extra songs which were not on the original film. It was a beautiful performance, the colours seen on stage were mesmerising and the singing, dancing and acting just made me cry the whole way through haha. It was literally such an amazing moment to see one of my favourite films performed right infront of me (not to mention we had the best seats! If you're thinking of going we had seats in the stalls numbers G15 & G16). 

My Outfit:
Black Heeled Boots - Topshop
Black Skinny Jeans - Newlook
White Top with Chain Detail - Missguided
Cream Collarless Coat - Zara
Bag - Michael Kors

Me and Bruno (da boyfriend) are food fanatics, we love going to different places and trying new foods so it was our aim to find a new favourite restaurant in London. As it was my birthday I was able to choose, therefore I found a cute little Greek restaurant called "The Real Greek". From the outside it looks like a small and cute family run restaurant however the food was absolutely amazing. Now the way this restaurant serves their food is very different to your regular restaurant which is the reason I loved it so much. You order so many different appetisers to share and that is your main course, it is recommenced to have around 4 appetisers per person and it was perfect as we were able to try so many different dishes! Bruno and I chose; Salted Beer Battered Cod, Grilled Kalamari, Chicken Skewers, Chicken Wraps, Saffron Rice and the most gorgeous Greek bread. So if you're ever in Covent Gardens look out for this place because I will definitely be going back to this cute little place! 

Thank you for reading this post, now go and book your tickets to see The Lion King at Lyceum Theatre, Covent Gardens and save your pennies and visit The Real Greek because it was honestly one of the most amazing days! 

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