Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Good morning everyone! As you may of seen from my Autumn wish list I have been dying to get my hands on this new palette from Urban Decay and one of my best friends (Sarah) decided to get me it for my birthday! 

The new palette from Urban Decay consists of 6 shades, 5 being matte and 1 being of a more satin finish with a slight shimmer touch and all these shades can be used to create the most perfect look throughout the Autumn and Winter seasons due to their cool tones. 

SKIMP - This is the one eyeshadow consisting of a slight shimmer, giving it a satin finish to the pale nude shade which is perfect for both a brow bone highlight or on the lid. 
STARK - This shadow is a matte peachy-nude which I feel is perfect as a base colour before applying Skimp on the lid. 
FRISK - This shadow is described as a "warm grey matte" being a favourite taupe shade of mine, and I absolutely love defining my crease with this shade. 
COVER - Cover is a medium matte brown followed by..
PRIMAL - Which is a medium-dark matte brown, and blending together re-creates the finished look of "Buck" from the Naked Palette. 
UNDONE - Undone is the darkest shadow in the palette being a very deep dark brown, used to smoke out outer corners and line the eye with on both top and bottom lashes. 

Overall I think this an a stunning palette to create a natural toned down look with a slight edge to it and would definitely recommend you guys to put this onto your Autumn wish list or even your Christmas list?

Base - STARK
Lid - SKIMP 
Crease - FRISK 
Outer Corner - UNDONE 

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